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Enamul Haque Moni

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We are all in a circular way, no advances, only moving and moving……...

Moni’s home in the cyber world!

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I am Moni; Enamul Haque Moni. Not the Bangladesh national team cricket player :) Studying in CUET (Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology). Actually it was BIT Chittagong! But after a long revolution we have made it a full engineering university. Within just two or three months we are going to have it officially.

I am of 22 years old and now studying at 2nd year of our computer science and engineering dept. I was in the legendary Chittagong Collegiate School in my school life and in famous Chittagong College in my college life.

In my Chittagong life I am the founder of CETSA (Chittagong Engineering and Technology Students Association) and the vice president of AAS (Association for the Advancement of Science). Here I have got two of our illustrious persons of our country—Dr. Jamal Nazrul Islam. He is an angel in the world of physics.And Dr. Md. Zafar Iqbal—renowned science fiction writer (my favorite!).

I like pure science—Physics, Mathematics specially Geometry. Taking a theatrical course in “Fame” (Renowned theater school). I like photography and art. Working as an art teacher at a local school. I am also an instructor of Chittagong Sunrise centre. I am lucky that I have got many of my favorite students in different renowned institutions of Bangladesh.

I like to work with ACM programming. Though I am a student of CSE but I am too much involved in other activities. But lucky to have participated in the last regional ICPC in BUET. I like the ACM programming community, I have found many friends here. Thanks to them for their feelings and helpful hands forwarded towards me!

Thanks to you all! Hope you will back again to enjoy and share other materials with me. Till then bye!


The mini-me ready for the holy prayer of Zumma in any Friday!